24 October, 2008

14- The way of the last question.

Please take a second to vote for Dragon & Tiger in Buzzcomix Thanks to you we have been steadily going up. I hope we can keep this up until the end of October!


José Eduardo said...

Todo contra tiene su pro que nos alegra el día n__n

D3 & EGOSELF said...

so cute ^_^

gabrielaa. said...

shouldn't it be "when the maximum value of entropy is reached, the Universe..."

there's either a problem with your grammar or with my physics ;)

All your tiger are belong to us. said...

thanks a lot

i meant it as "when the maximum of entropy is almost being reached, the universe will (in short time) come to an end"

still, i should've used a comma... I'll change it to your version soon, thanks again!

SUSAN said...

Where do the second law of thermodynamics says that? O_o
'Cause If you start burning all to ashes, then you will stop the entropy and therefore, save the Universe from it's end.
Mmmm... Certainly paradoxical. xD

All your tiger are belong to us. said...

it's a conditional!

if the law is true, such and such will happen

if not, we'll make such and such

SUSAN said...

Ok then. Anyway, I agree with Tiger!
I like your comic, it's cute. ^^
También el Hitlercito. Sigan así! :)

la rata said...

esta bien chidow your cartoon mi friends, jiji

don't leave us with the ganas!!

sticker said...