20 November, 2009

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05 November, 2009

55. The way of many-worlds.

Thanks for the idea Ego!

15 October, 2009

54. The way of unthinking

Thanks to Pandy for the inspiration of this strip!

09 October, 2009

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44. The way of thinking.

Zen is back, back again

This strip has so ferocious followers that i couldn't stand watching this situation anymore. And since Mike Storms has been so busy with the other two comics i felt the urge to continue the Zen Saga.

Strange things could happen since this is the first time i am writing this strip. Maybe the humor changes maybe it doesn't. Anyways here it is again.

Hi to manchita, José Eduardo, Anita, RoboTat, Diego and Ette, great followers of the Zen Way and to all the readers that i don't have yet the pleasure to know.

29 May, 2009

Zen is when....

I tried to avoid this, but it's awfully hard to keep 3 webcomics going. We have very few readers in Dragon and Tiger, but the quality of the feedbac'is so good it's always worth it.

I like this "blank" storyline and think it deserves to be told, but we'll have to wait until July.

Meanwhile, thanks for everything. The concept of this comic is so simple sometimes it's very hard to make, but it is always fulfilling, like a story told among friends.


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20. The way of the market-driven economy..

Sorry for the delay. Appy polly loggies to Maria.

28 November, 2008

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24 October, 2008

14- The way of the last question.

Please take a second to vote for Dragon & Tiger in Buzzcomix Thanks to you we have been steadily going up. I hope we can keep this up until the end of October!

14 October, 2008

Spread the Truth.

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We just joined the Buzzcomix list! We hope you can help us by taking a moment to vote and help getting the word out. You can vote as much as once a day! We're almost into the Top 100, we feel there's a good chance we can make it to the top 50.
Maybe it's a good opportunity for some trivia. Dragon and Tiger is made by two philosophy professors who are by no means specialists in the Eastern traditions (but -like most you- are willing to learn!) As a matter of fact, this comic deals less with reality and more with our everyday misunderstandings of the East! We hope we can start updating more often in the forecoming months. Until then, see you on Fridays!

10 October, 2008

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27 September, 2008

10- The way of the endless cycle of idea and action.

He also doesn't know what "ducklooped" means...