07 August, 2009

Zen is back, back again

This strip has so ferocious followers that i couldn't stand watching this situation anymore. And since Mike Storms has been so busy with the other two comics i felt the urge to continue the Zen Saga.

Strange things could happen since this is the first time i am writing this strip. Maybe the humor changes maybe it doesn't. Anyways here it is again.

Hi to manchita, José Eduardo, Anita, RoboTat, Diego and Ette, great followers of the Zen Way and to all the readers that i don't have yet the pleasure to know.


Black Bird said...

Ohh yo no había comentado aquí pero me has hecho el día(o será acaso la noche) (get it? ying & yang? dia noche?) al volver a subir una historia nueva!
yo te dije jejeje esta es mi favorita de las 3 caricaturas, me autodeclaro fan numero 1 de dragon and tiger! saludos! espero poder leerlos regularmente

Diego said...

¡El Zen ha vuelto! Muy bien, la espera no fue en vano (y) :)

Saludos de vuelta.

D3 & EGOSELF said...

que gran noticia saber que esta de regreso la tira! :)

zethä said...

al fin de nuevo!

gabrielaa. said...


lily said...

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